About World Hindu Organization

World Hindu Organization’s Vision

To build and sustain a vibrant, caring, inclusive community rooted in Hindu religion, values, heritage and traditions.
World Hindu Organization’s Mission The Mission of the World Hindu Organization is to foster unity and represent the interests of the Hindu people, working to ensure the continuity and development of its religious, spiritual, cultural, and social heritage while informing, educating, and welcoming others. The World Hindu Organization (WHO) seeks, among other things, based on its core principles of its Vision to:


The World Hindu Organization’s mission begins with the word “build” as an immediate acknowledgement of the World Hindu Organization’s (WHO’s) primary purpose to enhance the long-term viability of our community by providing leadership, financial support and synergy with other Hindu organizations in the United States, in India, and throughout the world. In addition, WHO’s key focus will be to enhance solidarity among Hindu communities throughout the world and, recognizing the Hindu identity, to strengthen the bonds of Hindu communities and organizations. The organization will also provide support and education for the advancement of the Hindu religion.


WHO is uniquely positioned to develop the strategic plan that builds our community, cultivates and trains leaders for future generations and provide the necessary resources to help ensure the long-term success of organizations that benefit Hindu people locally, in India and around the globe. WHO will be focused on securing the rights, status and interests of Hindus and to defend them wherever they are denied, violated, or threatened.


The success of creating a vibrant community is engaged and interconnected with every generation. WHO’s success will be measured by the well-being of every individual WHO connects with. We will provide services and programs in a Hindu environment that helps develop toddlers, engage children, motivate teens, challenge young adults, inspire adults, connect families, and benefit the elderly.


The Hindu values and heritage teaches us to take care of those in need, regardless of one’s ability or limits. We are bound as a community to be compassionate, understanding and to facilitate the needs of all members of our community.


We welcome and embrace each generation across the broad diversity of the Hindu Community and welcome the world with no barriers to religion, location, and race. WHO will be focused encouraging and promoting gender equality and the involvement of younger Hindus in organizational leadership.


We bring people together, connecting and convening those in our neighborhood, our city, our state, our country, and Hindu’s of all nations – receiving and accepting everyone who seeks to be included throughout the diverse Hindu Community. WHO will be working to assist Hindu communities in strengthening their Hindu and Indian identities and in confronting problems in the political, legal, social, religious, cultural or economic spheres. WHO will be working to represent and act on behalf of Member Communities and the Hindu people as a whole vis-à-vis governments, governmental authorities, international and intergovernmental organizations and authorities, non-governmental organizations, inter-faith groups, other faiths and civic bodies.


Each individual has his or her own definition of what it means to be Hindu, but undeniably, we celebrate family, education, culture, and the importance of our homeland, India. WHO will be focused on encouraging and assisting the creative development of Hindu social, religious, and cultural life throughout the world, supporting Hindu education and the development of Hindu values, and to ensuring Hindu continuity and the transmittal of the Hindu religion and the Indian legacy from one generation to another.

The World Hindu Organization will strive to cooperate with governments, nations, organizations, and individuals, to accomplish the above goals in the spirit of peace, freedom, equality and justice.